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Heavy Rigid Licence

Open Road Ranger or Synchromesh Licences

Open Road Ranger Lesson Fee: $165.00/hour

Synchromesh Licence in a Day Package: $957.00

​A Heavy Rigid (HR) licence is the highest class of licence you can obtain from a car licence.  A HR vehicle can have three or more axles and must be a rigid truck or bus.  You must have held a car licence or higher for at least two years to be eligible, (P2 - second year Green).

A Heavy Rigid truck has two types of licences within the category and these are either non-restricted or restricted.  Purple Truck Driving School currently offers both the Unrestricted (Road Ranger) or Open and Condition B or restricted, which covers you for synchromesh or automatic licences only (no double clutching).  The difference between the two licences is the gearbox. The HR non-restricted licence is a road ranger or non-synchromesh gearbox.

Throughout the training you will cover:

  • Road laws

  • Pre-drive checks

  • Starting and stopping sequences

  • Demonstration drive

  • City and highway driving

  • Load security

  • Cabin checks

  • Defensive driving

  • Turning and handling

  • Vehicle positioning

  • Fuel efficiency

  • Systems of vehicle control


Pre-requisites for a HR Licence: 

  • You must have held a car licence (or higher) provisional, probationary or open for at least two years

  • If you are upgrading from a car licence, you must also pass the Department of Transport and Main Roads written knowledge test (click here to practice the Heavy Vehicle Test) and the on road practical driving test

  • If you currently hold a LR or MR Licence, a written knowledge test is not required

  • If you currently have a medical condition on your licence, you will need a relevant medical certificate

  • If you are going to use your HR licence to drive a bus, you may also need to obtain your driver’s authorization from Driver's Authority (DA)


NOTE: You are not permitted to upgrade to a HR licence while you hold a P1 car licence


Your Guide to the Q-SAFE: Practical Driving Test PDF >>

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