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Get Your Licence in a Day

Get your heavy vehicle licence in a day (Synchromesh Condition B).

By pre-arranging a test date through us, we will begin the day in the truck. To start with there will be a few hours of training, then ten minutes to complete the written test. After you have completed the written test we will continue on with the training until the time of your practical test, covering all the VOC's (Verification of Competencies). 

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The total cost includes:

  • QLD Practical Test Fee

  • Upgrade of licence if you pass the test 

  • Five hours of expert training 

  • Practical experience relevant to today's industry

The cost of the licence is:

  • MR Licence - $902.00

  • HR Licence - $957.00

  • HC Licence - $1095.00

Please Note:


The cost of the 'Licence in a Day' option includes the cost for the Queensland Transport Practical Driving test.  A Written Test will need to be completed if not done so previously.

Due to Qld Transport times and bookings, any cancellations must have a minimum of 48 hours notice of any changes. If not a fee will be incurred due to loss of business.

Your Guide to the Q-SAFE: Practical Driving Test PDF >>

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