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  • Road laws

  • Pre-drive checks

  • Starting and stopping sequences

  • Demonstration drive

  • City and highway driving

  • Load security

Caravan/Trailer Awareness Course

Course Fee: $575.00

Towing a caravan or trailer isn’t as easy as it looks!  Learn to be confident towing your caravan or trailer when travelling.  To know your vehicles towing capacities, equipment, safety, maintenance, mirrors, leveling, weighing, coupling and un-coupling, makes for a safe road trip for your passengers and others on the road.

Course Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Caravan/Trailer Recap Short Course

Course Fee: $100.00 (minimum 6 people)

Course Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours (Theory only)

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Throughout the course you will learn:

  • GVM & GCM

  • Ball Weight

  • Coupling

  • Un-coupling

  • Weight Distribution

  • Reversing

  • Refresh Road Rules


Match Your Vehicle to Towing Requirements:

It can be difficult to know the manufacturers' claims from the facts.  Just because a particular vehicle is specified as having sufficient towing capacity for your requirements, you shouldn’t automatically assume that it will be a capable, durable tow vehicle.

Towing involves:

  • Safety and maintenance checks

  • Legal requirements

  • Trailer dimensions

  • Weights

  • Loads and loading

  • Maneuvering techniques

  • Braking techniques

  • Reversing

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