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Going Straight Ahead

A car in the left lane approaches a roundabout and goes straight ahead, exiting the roundabout in the same left lane. Another car in the right hand lane approaches the roundabout and goes straight ahead, exiting in the same right hand lane

Going straight ahead through a roundabout -

  1. Position your vehicle in either lane unless the arrows on the road or signs indicate otherwise.

  2. There is no need to use your indicator until you are ready to exit the roundabout.

  3. Give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout.

  4. Before exiting, use your left indicator and follow the exit lane marking.

  5. Stop indicating once you have exited the roundabout.

I am finding there are quite a few people out in the Darling Downs area that are in need of a MC licence and have their hands on a Rig and trailers. They are not really in need of training per say. Due to their past life here on the farm.

If you are HR licenced and want to move up to the MC, then message me, call, email or Facebook. But lets work something out. I come with you in your rig, we can do actual work on the way so the rig is paying for it's self. If you have access to the equipment, then we should see each other soon.

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