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Why all Truck Drivers should have a Dash Cam!

The Importance of Dash Cam's

Dashboard camera's are gaining popularity with truck drivers for a multitude of reasons. The camera is fixed to the front of the truck's dashboard to record the road as you drive. This provides peace of mind and the footage is incredibly important in case of an accident.

Protect Yourself Legally

For truck drivers especially, dash cam's are primarily used to provide evidence in the case of an accident. Truck drivers are often blamed for accidents even if the other driver was clearly at fault. The footage can be used for insurance claims and can prove to the insurer who was at fault.

Reduce Crime and Improve Safety

For truck drivers on a long haul who stop and rest at night, dash cam's are a deterrent to any thieves or vandals that see the camera and realise they are being recorded. If your truck is vandalised, the footage can be useful for evidence for insurance companies or the police.

Take Action Against Road Rage

Road rage is a legitimate problem and puts peoples lives at risk. A dash cam allows you to capture a moment and record the license plate of the driver making it easier to report the driver to police.

Watch a compilation of the Best and Worst Aussie Truck Driver Dash Cam Footage here.

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