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Female Farmers From Chinchilla Upskill to a Truck Licence

Purple Truck has a strong customer base of people who are looking to expand their horizons, whether that be for a new job, a change of pace, or just for kicks. "We’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with several other companies in helping license their workers, but recently a fantastic story has unfolded about some ladies in Chinchilla."

Tracey from Chinchilla

Every month, Purple Truck travels out west to help people in Roma get their licenses. Our student-centric training has facilitated many truckies in hitting the roads out there, and it’s become a scheduled trip we make as a company. This is when a phenomenon occurred. Purple Truck was invited to the Roma Community page on Facebook (or is it Meta now?). Businesses are not usually allowed on this page, as it’s for the residents to share events, information, and warnings across town. However, after becoming such a regular visitor out west and helping people get their licenses, Purple Truck was added. We post the times we’re coming, how many spots we have available, and get to mingle with the wonderful Roma community. That’s how Tracey heard about us.

You may have seen Tracey’s success picture go up recently. She’s a freshly-licensed farmer from Chinchilla who decided to get her truck qualifications to help during harvest. She came to us as the canary in the mineshaft for a larger group of women in Chinchilla who were also looking to get their licenses for harvest, but were worried about committing money and effort into something during such a busy time.

Purple Truck’s commitment to proper training and the community must have convinced Tracey, because she got her license and happily informed us she would be sending the other ladies of Chinchilla along shortly. This is the kind of outcome we work so hard to get: a content student, and many more on the horizon.

We’re incredibly excited to see everyone in Roma again later this month. Happy harvesting from Purple Truck!


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